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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a list of all FAQs relating the car park at 58 Franklin St, Melbourne. These include answers to simple questions regarding calculation of parking rates, opening hours, general enquiries about the car park and emergency contacts.

How much will my parking fee be?

Rates table

Parking fees are calculated by the hour, fees will vary depending on entry and exit times. Our day is not based on either a 24 hour period, or a calendar day. Rates are based on the day starting at 5:30 am and running through until 5:30 am the next day.

Early bird: $16 Monday to Friday. In order to qualify for the discounted Early Bird rate you must enter between 5:30 am and 9:30 am and exit between 2:00 pm and midnight. If your entry time or exit time is out of the specified hours you will be charged normal casual hourly rates.

Evening rate: $10 Monday to Friday. In order to qualify for the evening rate you must enter after 3:30 pm and exit before 5: 30 am next day. If you stay after 5:30 am you will be charged casual rates for the remainder of your time in the car park. ie. $10 + casual rates for the next day

Weekend rate: $12 all day from 5:30 am to 5:30 am the next day. 

Overnight parking: During the week if entry time is before 3:30 pm you will get charged the normal casual hourly rate until 3:30 pm. Then, $10 until 5:30 am next day.
If entry time is after 3:30 pm you will get charged $10 until next day 5:30 am. Then, casual hourly rate.
If exit time is on a weekend day (e.g. Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) you will get charged for the previous day as explained above plus hourly rate of weekend (max $12).

For more details please press the intercom button on any of the machines (Pay Station ground floor, Entry and Exit machines level 1) or contact CBDPark Pty Ltd office 03 8589 2231 during business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Do I need to book a parking bay?

No, we don’t offer an option for bookings. It is quite a large car park there are plenty of bays available at all times.

Who do I contact for emergencies?

If there is a problem related with the car park equipment and the intercoms are not working, please contact remote monitoring services: 1300 656 154.

If there is an emergency, call 000 and provide address as 58 Franklin St, Melbourne, VIC. 3000 + car park level.

What are the opening hours?

This car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays.

Where do I pay for my parking ticket?

At 58 Franklin St foyer (next to lifts), there is a pay station. There, you can pay by cash or credit card. Alternately, you can also pay bay credit card at the exit machine on your way out. Please note, there is a 2% surcharge on credit card payments.

Is there any disability parking area / access?

We don’t have any designated disability parking area, there are number of large parking bays close to the lifts on every level. There is lift access on ground floor and from levels 2 to 7. Levels 1 and 8 do not have lift access, access only through the stairs.